Clive Lovering Chairman 01244332711
Hilary Davies Hilary DaviesVice Chair 336429
Jonathan Bellis Jonathan Bellis 332128
Anne Stockdale Anne Stockdale 335819
Bettie Gilliatt Bettie Gilliatt 335645
Sarah Rao Sarah Rao 07770897505
Dave Brodie Dave Brodie 332321

Correspondence should be addressed to
David Taylor, Clerk, Littleton Parish Council, 103 Clare Ave, Hoole, Chester, CH2 3HR

Website maintained by Simon Taylor

List of Parish Council Representation on Outside Bodies

Forthcoming Parish Council meetings held on Mondays at 7.30, Chester Rugby Club

Littleton's councillors on the Cheshire West and Chester Council

Margaret Parker Margaret Parker 300250
Stuart Parker Stuart Parker 303030